Smart Steel Structure (Pre Febricated Work)

Everest Industries Limited, one of India's fastest growing building solutions companies, successfully executed a project for a leading real estate major of India, Ansal API (Ansal Properties and Infrastructure Ltd) in the shortest span of time with the help of M/s. SUPER GYPSUM (P) LTD. Everest was able to complete the Ansal Institute of Management in Lucknow; sprawled over 60,000 sq ft, comprising of three large modules with over 40 rooms in a record 90 days, reducing the time up to 1/3 rd of the traditional construction. Everest has been able to achieve this feat using the revolutionary Smart Steel technology. In today's fast paced world, where speed and time is of the essence, building projects on time is imperative to sustain business growth. The use of prefabricated structures is now becoming increasingly commonplace. After all, following the rise of instant fast food, instant messaging, and many other things instant, it's not surprising that the need of the hour is for constructing instant buildings.

Everest Smart Steel is a technological innovation that moves the conventional construction industry to the next level. Commercial buildings, site offices, restaurants, roof top extensions are made from factory-made components that are shipped and assembled on site. Everest Smart steel offer's a great deal of flexibility and custom computer aided designing. Buildings can be manufactured based on customer specifications. Since These buildings are manufactured inside the plant, stringent quality controls are in place and this helps maintain the consistency of the construction. Everest Smart steel buildings are 100% customized buildings and are resistant to moisture, adverse weather conditions, earthquakes, termites and fire. Low maintenance costs, versatile use and ease of expansion are reasons why these buildings are preferred. Everest having pioneered the roofing industry in India, is now working towards providing complete building solutions to its customers.

The Ansal Institute of Technology is one such example. Everest provided Ansal with Smart steel buildings, Fibre Cement boards, and solutions to complete the project in phenomenal time. Ansal API project has approx. 5350 sq m of floor area comprising 3 Modules and 43 rooms of 8.5m with 2.5m wide corridors. There are 2 rooms of 14m x 14m x 4.5m on the two ends of the Module 3 and 1 each on the module 1 and 2 as elevational feature to add to the aesthetics. The challenge was to complete the entire project in less than 3 months as the sessions were to commence in July. The design of the building was kept simple and straight line, as Speed and Time was the essence. The only solution was Everest Smart Steel Buildings, which are the fastest systems of industrial construction today with the company's highly proficient and experienced designers together with advanced manufacturing and installation facilities ensuring that the buildings was delivered on time.

The company designed, manufactured, and installed the Everest Smart Steel Structure as per the Institute's specifications. The smart steel buildings designed for the Institute comprised of Smart Steel Framing Walls, Roof Trusses, Building paper for exterior walls, Everest Heavy Duty Wall Boards, Everest Multipurpose Cement Boards, Everest False Ceiling Grid System with 6mm Fibre Cement Boards and Mineral Fiber Tiles, Everest Metal Roofing System, Rockwool Wall Insulation, Aluminum Facing Foil Glass wool Insulation for roof.

The stability of a construction depends on the design and strength of the materials used and to ensure that Everest Smart Steel Frames were made using 0.95mm/ 0.75mm thick, 150 GSM, 550 MPA yield strength, Galvalume steel and G.I. Cee (C) Sections for maximum strength. These high-quality steel frames were then clad on the exterior side with 9mm thick Everest Heavy Duty Fibre Cement Boards, having minimum density of 1500 kg/m3 using suitable screws. The interior side was clad with 8mm thick Everest Multipurpose Boards and lined with 9.5mm thick Plaster Board, while the gap between the exterior and interior surface was filled with 48kg/m3 density Rockwool Insulation. The roof structure was made using Everest Smart Steel sections for trusses, spaced at appropriate distances as per structural design requirement and purlins with 1.6mm thick Galvalume Steel Top Hat profile.

The roof structure was then covered with Everest Metal Roofing Sheets of 0.50mm thickness (TCT) and profiled with brick red coloured PPGI sheets with appropriate ridge covers. The ceilings for the institute were Everest False Ceilings, which comprise Everest Ceiling Tee Grid System and Everest Mineral Fibre with tiles of size 595x595m for all the rooms and 6mm Fibre Cement Boards for toilets and verandah areas. The company was briefed about this project and undertook the responsibility to complete the construction of the entire educational institute comprising 3 Modules in 3 months. On an average 50 workers were engaged by SUPER GYPSUM (P) LTD. to achieve the goal by working 10 hrs per day. The project was completed as per the due date, which was possible only because of Everest Steel Smart Buildings.